Clean windows could really make your home or office look brighter and improve the overall appearance. With our affordable window cleaning service in Abington, available for both residential and commercial clients, your windows are guaranteed to sparkle like the Kohinoor. In addition to cleaning the windows, we could also help you identify typical issues associated with the same and advise you accordingly to extend their life.

By ensuring a well-maintained arsenal of cutting-edge tools, we are a class apart and if you really do not want to settle for anything but the very best yet affordable window cleaning service in Abington, your quest ends with us.


  • EPA-certified soap and water are applied manually with a purpose-designed brush commonly called a strip-washer
  • The deep cleaning process is accomplished with a wet, soapy titanium razor blade, or fine-grade steel wool and necessary steps are taken to remove the following:
  • Paint
  • Silicone
  • Plaster
  • Eggs
  • Web track marks
  • Flies
  • Bird droppings
  • Window glasses are thoroughly cleaned with razor blades and as per their composition as well as ultraviolet tinting
  • Squeegees are utilized for removing excess water
  • No-lint towels are made use of for drying the sills, frames, and the edges as well
  • Any unnoticed spots are detailed out in the end with the help of a steel wool
  • Screens are rigorously rinsed with ample amount of soapy water and towel-dried soon thereafter


Feel free to ask for an exhaustive diagnostic report for your windows as soon as the cleaning is done. Fogged or failed thermal panes, if any, are pointed out and the instances of cracks, nicks, as well as scratches are spotted, if applicable. Do remember to ask for our optional window maintenance service as well.


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